Privacy Resources

Here are some books with good information on protecting your privacy:

The Electronic Privacy Papers: Documents on the Battle for Privacy in the Age of Surveillance. A nice change of pace from traditional analysis of algorithms and code, instead the reader gets to see for him/herself just how the U.S. goverment is applying them and the legislation on it. While most books on privacy and security issues in cyberspace simply give accounts of debates on the issues, The Electronic Privacy Papers documents the war - practically salvo by salvo.

How to be Invisible - This book is a must for anyone serious about protecting their privacy. Has important information on privacy, asset protection, self-defense, surveillance and more.

The Offshore Solution - NEVER PAY TAXES AGAIN! Learn why opening offshore bank accounts might be in your best interest. Teaches you the basics about money.

Invasion of Privacy : How to Protect Yourself in the Digital Age - This book by Michael Hyatt looks at how the government, industry, individuals, and interest groups have access to personal information about you and how you can protect your personal information.

The Internet has thousands of privacy related resources. Here are a few that cover a broad range of topics:

Personal Firewall Reivew - Learn about some of the many personal firewall programs available today. Compares them based on features and price.

Online Privacy Tools - Find reviews and comparisons of various online privacy tools and services that allow somewhat anonymous web surfing.

Electronic Frontier Foundation - A special interest group working to make sure that technology does not over-ride our fundamental rights.

Privacy Rights Clearinghouse - A nonprofit consumer education, research, and advocacy program.

Hushmail - Web based encrypted email - free and paid versions.

Electronic Privacy Information Center - Looks at the myriad of privacy issues faced in the digital age. - Another consumer information organization.

Personal Privacy - A privacy resource with archived articles, newsletters and more.

Andre Bacard's Privacy Page - Lists many privacy related resources.

Protecting Kids on the Internet - Keep your children safe on the Internet.