Encryption Tools

There are many free and paid encryption tools available on the Internet. Some better than others, but nonetheless one can setup a secure messaging system (email encryption), secure transactions (SSL enabled web browsers) and secure connectivity (VPNs and SSH) on a very small budget. Some of the small business/individual solutions available include:


PGP - this is the defacto secure messaging standard on the Internet. Network Associates has dropped this product suite but fortunately the strong user base of PGP means it is likely to stay as the most popular email encryption tool.

Hushmail - here is another way of adding encryption to your email. But unlike software tools (say PGP) it is a service built into web based email. With free and paid service, one can get the flexibility of a web based email account combined with the security of 1,024-bit encryption, digital signatures and support for the OpenPGP standard.


Protect yourself and your company by encrypting your files before sending them. With a simple drag-and-drop, or a menu point-and-click, your information is safe. And with the strongest encryption, you can be sure that no one but your desired recipient will be able to use your information.

F-Secure FileCrypto - developed by Datafellows Corp, this is a long standing file encryption application that supports strong encryption. Also comes for Pocket PC.

ShyFile - free and paid versions of a strong encryption application that lets you create self-executable, encrypted packages.


PGP - certain versions of this applications allow point to point encrypted VPN sessions.

Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/7 & Linux - they allow 'secure' data transmission between two nodes using the PPTP protocol.